Louie " Hippieone" Solano

   Born in 1981 in San Bernardino, Ca. Louie“ Hippieone” Solano had a passion for creating early in childhood as he explored through music and comic illustration.
   After being inspired through the art programs at his local high school he decided to continue his creative journey at The Art Institute of California, where he received a degree in Graphic Design.  
   In the years following he expanded his creative processes and techniques by taking on freelance projects that would range from apparel design to brand and corporate identity.
     In 2006 Hippieone began to participate in various art exhibits displaying original artworks and also performing his creative process live.
   In 2012 he partnered with a long time friend to create a new art experience in the heart of Downtown Riverside, called The Gallery of Progressive Art or G.O.P.A for short.
     Using G.O.P.A as a tool to highlight many of the hidden artistic talents in the Inland Empire he maintained monthly exhibitions as a regular member of the Riverside Artswalk. 
   Currently Hippieone continues to pursue his deep passion with communicating messages of inspiration, hope and perserverance through his artwork with each exhibit and project he participates in.